“I wish” and “If only”

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Studу the information about sentences with words “I wish” and “If only”.
Words ‘wish’ and ‘if only’ are used to express a wish.

  1. Use wish/ if only + past simple for the present when you want to say that we would like something to be different.

I wish/ if only I had a lot of friends. (But I don’t have a lot of friends.)


  1. Use wish/ if only + Past Perfect  when you want to express regret that something happened or did not happen in the past.

If only I had followed  your advice. (I did not follow it)


If I had come  to my relatives last week. (I did not come to my relatives)

3. Use wish/ if only or a polite imperative or when you want to express your wish for a change in a situation.

I wish she would put her things away.

I wish it would stop  snowing.



After pronouns we and I use could instead of would.

I wish I could support  you.



№  1.Write the correct full form of the verb. Don’t use short forms with (‘) in this task!


Use the rules about if-sentences and wish-sentences.  


  1. If I  you, I would go to the dentist’s. (be)


  1. My car has broken down. I wish I  to work. (not / walk)


  1. Did you buy that T-shirt you saw? No, but I wish I  it. (buy)


  1. I if I have enough money. (come)